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New Fussy Eater Taste Chart


Encourage your fussy eater to taste and rate new foods

Put your fussy eater in control of their new food adventures with our stick-it-on-the-fridge taste chart. We’re not saying it will make them love cabbage overnight, but it might just encourage them to experiment. And every experiment takes them a step further on their journey towards a balanced diet. Each time they try a new food, they get to rate it by colouring in a smiley.  So, make sure you keep a stash of colouring pencils handy!

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Use the fussy eater chart as a springboard for foodie chitchat

Why did they choose that smiley? Was it the taste or the texture that they loved or loathed? If they reject something it’s worth offering the same food served in a different way as this can really change the taste and/or texture: raw washed and sliced courgettes instead of cooked, melted cheese instead of grated. Even serving up an apple in smaller pieces can make it more appealing.

If your child refuses a food, don’t give up. It can take time to learn to like new foods. The more times your child tries a food they refused previously, the more familiar they become with its sensory properties (colour, taste, texture) and the more likely they are to accept it. Did you know it can sometimes take 8-10 exposures1 before children are willing to accept a new food? The older a child gets, typically the more tries are needed. 

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Did you know?

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Looking for inspiration? We’ve created a special Weekly Meal Planner to help you get back on track with your fussy eater. It’s packed with top nutrition tips, recipe ideas and more!

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