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Mini Spooks Craft Project

Recycle your cardboard toilet roll tubes with this creepy craft project. Why not make it a family activity? It’s perfect for kids of all ages (you can pre-cut the features for really young children) and a great way to spend time together developing new skills.

You will need:

-    Cardboard tubes from toilet rolls
-    Water-based paints (we like orange, green, purple, black and white!)
-    Coloured paper and card
-    Googly eyes
-    Pipe cleaners
-    Marker Pens
-    Scissors
-    Glue stick or PVA glue


  1. Start by painting the cardboard tubes. (You may want to put some old newspaper down to stop the table getting mucky!)
  2. Whilst they dry, it’s time to make your freaky features! These could be flappy bats’ wings, pointy witches’ hats, creepy cats’ whiskers, monster arms and legs – whatever you can think of! Draw the features onto your coloured paper or card. Then cut them out carefully using safe scissors.
  3. Once the paint on the cardboard tubes has dried, stick your features onto the tubes with a glue stick or PVA glue.
  4. Use a marker pen to add smaller details such as ghostly mouths, witches’ noses or monster snarls.
  5. Stick on your googly eyes.
  6. Finally, glue on pipe cleaners for spider legs or cats’ tails.
  7. Put your finished masterpieces up around your house to make the trick-or-treaters tremble! Or you could use them as finger puppets for a spooktacular performance.

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